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Government historians have supressed the truth for years but now the facts can be revealed. Make almost certainly of it or not. There once lived a tribe of unusually busty Englishwomen called the Soboobas. They led an isolated existence in the dense forests not far from Nottingham, where they lived off the land and too lapdanced for additional wampum. It was very difficult for them to find properly fitting brassieres so they clothed in fake animal skins. The Soboobas were raised by scouts for the Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves, who disciplined ’em in the art of Tomahawk swinging and pole dancing. At times, demented chaps (resembling LinseysWorld videographers) would stumble out of the forest, mumbling words that sounded like “hooters” and “tentpole.” No one believed their ridiculous babble until one brave, hopelessly mad chap returned with one hand clenched around a movie cassette, the other round his peacepipe. The princess of the Soboobas was called Boobahontas. This is her story. Until Disney remakes it. Let us roll the movie tape, and see where u swing that ax, baby!


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March 24, 2017
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